My Family Engagement Plan

Hello Parents!

This is 60% of the course grade.  This assignment we believe will give you a stepping stone for the rest of the courses and of course for your life as a parent.

Complete a 2 page document outlining your family engagement plan for the upcoming schooling years of your child/children.

We ask you to at least cover the following topics (grading criteria)

  • Long term goals and objectives 0.0/10.0 points (graded)
  • Your role -in your child’s school -at home. 0.0/10.0 points (graded)
  • Your implementation plan of the Boston Basics. 0.0/10.0 points (graded)
  • Your family engagement thinking web (see image) 0.0/10.0 points (graded)
  • School year checklist or calendar of activities 0.0/10.0 points (graded)
  • Annual evaluation model 0.0/10.0 points (graded)